September/October 2015: This time i took it really serious and watched Terminator Genisys (2015) especially for the occasion. A commission this big was both a lot of work but also a lot of satisfaction. River Horse did some nice job with Guardian Terminator which is good as being the only model painted lvl 4,5 he was the key point of this commission. I left him for the last and had a lot of fun. So much that i outleveled myself and gone wild with the miniature. All to benefit the customer of course. Here are the pics:

Guardian Terminator lvl 4,5

 John Connor lvl 3,5

 Resistance troops lvl 3,5

 T-800 lvl 3,5

Hunter Killer Airplane lvl 3,5

Dedicated Terrain Piece lvl 3

Additional pictures

Hope you like it,

PS: Shipment inner casing box - it's huge :)

November 2015: Terminator Genisys moves higher and higher in the ranks of movies I have seen a lot of times. That's due to a comission bestowed upon me by the 'Terminator Genisys the miniatures game' producer River Horse! Just check out this awesome movie themed miniatures.

Guardian with Shotgun lvl 4,5

Guardian with Teddy Bear lvl 4,5

Sarah Connor lvl 4,5

Resistance Soldiers lvl 4,5

Cyle Reese lvl 4,5

Infiltrator lvl 4,5

Steel for humans...
Silver for monsters...
Brush for miniatures ;)

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