Some works from years long past that i find either epic to this day, awesome or just bizarre :)

"Mirai, the Evil Dwarven Spy!"
This miniature was converted and painted for a friend who was leaving our job. The guy looks just like the miniature, loves Cola, KFC, wears same hat and wrap, has the same mad, hallow eyes and worked behind a counter just like this.

"Super Dungeon Explore - Gaming Board"
I made this piece few days after purchasing SDE. I used the same technicues as in map builders for PC games - prepared space and scale, built walls and halls, then factured all with smaller and smaller pieces. 

"Necromunda Gaming Table"
A lot of cash pumped into facturising these terrain pieces but it looks fine up to this day :)

Will add more Epic, Awesome and Bizarre pieces in the future. Like/Don't like these? Are they Epic, Awesome or Bizarre? Let me know in the comment section ;)

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