Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Hey guys - I have two important news to announce:

1) I will start with the bad news - I've decided to forfeit my blogspot blog. I will leave all the content on it but will not add any additional tutorials, reviews, recipes nor galleries.

2) Now's the good one - is online and ready to be explored. Almost all of the content you might seen on my previous blog is reposted here and a lot of awesome new features await to be tested.

Must say that these past few days left me exausted with work around my new website. Whole operation wasn't easy but seeing the results I'm more than happy that I finally took that step. I sincerly hope that number of viewers will be at least as good as on my blogspot blog.

And to make your transition more confortable I've just published a brand new TUTORIAL: PAINTING MARBLE!  Hope you find it useful...

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