Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Hey guys - I have two important news to announce:

1) I will start with the bad news - I've decided to forfeit my blogspot blog. I will leave all the content on it but will not add any additional tutorials, reviews, recipes nor galleries.

2) Now's the good one - is online and ready to be explored. Almost all of the content you might seen on my previous blog is reposted here and a lot of awesome new features await to be tested.

Must say that these past few days left me exausted with work around my new website. Whole operation wasn't easy but seeing the results I'm more than happy that I finally took that step. I sincerly hope that number of viewers will be at least as good as on my blogspot blog.

And to make your transition more confortable I've just published a brand new TUTORIAL: PAINTING MARBLE!  Hope you find it useful...

Friday, February 12, 2016


This post is in a way 'on demand' as lately I got an unprecedented number of questions regarding the paints used on the 'transparent' Hacker's screen with which one of my NOMADS: CORREGIDOR lvl 4,5 miniatures is equipped. Taking this opportunity I will also add a mini-tutorial of how to prepare such holo-screen on the bottom of this post.

White (inner site symbols),
Mephiston Red (outer side symbols),
Coelia Greenshade Wash (GW),
White (lines on the edges),
Gloss Varnish (GW),*
*For more transparency I maker smooth layer without brush strokes visible - I use a lot of Varnish to achieve that.


That would be fast - just use scissors to cut a small piece of plastic bottle. I preffer Coca Cola Zero's bottle, but anything thin and transparent will do. After shaping the piece put a small hole in it - that would be the place into which you will glue the miniature's fingers so that the screen will hold firm. The secret revealed - go and spread the word!

Steel for humans...
Silver for monsters...
Brush for miniatures ;)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Third 'Special Project' and this time it is much different than the previous ones. It's worth mentioning that I had this one in mind for more than five years. Actually since Dec 2011 when I made these True Scale Night Lords. The paint job with which I provided them was near to ugly and I sworn to redeem myself one day. That day came and 'AVE DOMINUS NOX' project was realised. Eight Legion's Rhino transporter was born into the late night of Feb 8ght 2016.

It all started with an easy yet most important conversion. 

The soul of the project lies within the plastic bounds of this particular piece. Rest of the preparation went pretty easy. It was so fast that I forgot to take pictures throughout the process. 

Inner Paintjob.

One of the reasons that makes this project 'Special' is that I actually painted the innards of a vehicle! I paint for more than 15 years now and I haven't done this even once ever before. I used to pillage the innards of my vehicles, then fix a D6 dice with a 'six' on top into them to boost their survivability and glue all the doors shut forever. 

Lightning Strike!

Lightning is the worst nightmare of paintjob. This is the true Terror that One must overcome so that One may stand In Midnight Clad. Fortunately I found a great tutorial of how to paint Lightning using Steel Whool. Must say that it did the job. 

 First night's end result.

This is how it looked like when I decided to finally forfeit my task for the day and fell into slumber. Next day I was a bit dissapointed with my work. The colours seem to not go well with each other. Something was wrong. I decided to continue paintjob and blend all the Lightning and Chaos markings with blue. I also redone the upper Night Lords simbol, making it a bit more juicy with sharpened edges and key points. Small points of white/yellow were added to the main lights and white lining adorned the red ones. The Rhino finally looked like a whole.

Here's the final piece:


More pictures can be found at:

 You can vote for this piece at: COOLMINIORNOT

Steel for humans...
Silver for monsters...
Brush for miniatures...