Thursday, December 10, 2015


Recently I've decided to take my previous Hacking Device Holoprojector concept to a higher level. The key point was to use the same base material: a Coca Cola bottle plastic, but instead of painting simbols and lines on it - make it look more like a complex holo projection with many 'windows' opened at once. A devious plan formed in my mind and here I am sharing it with all who are eager to read it!

You will need:
* Scissors,
* Twizzers,
* Super Glue,
* Coca Cola bottle XD
* Piece of plastic/brass mesh,

1) Using Scissors cut a small piece of Brass Mesh and a small piece of Coca Cola bottle. 

2) Still using Scissors cut a piece of Plastic into small rectangles. 

3) Use some oval shaped tool to softly bend both the Brass Mesh piece and Plastic rectangles. 

4) Using Super Glue, attach the Brass Mesh piece to a miniature. 

[WARNING] I recommend to paint the miniature along with Brass Mesh piece at this point. 

5) Using Tweezers and Super Glue attach Plastic rectangles to a painted Brass Mesh.

 6) It is done, but you can apply some Skull White onto the edges of Plastic rectangles to make them look more 3D.

And that's it :) Whole process takes up to 10 minutes so I decided to remove old Holoprojectors from my Nomadic Hackers and install brand new 'software'. Hope you give it a try ;)

Steel for humans...
Silver for monsters...
Brush for miniatures ;)

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  1. Really nice tutorial. I've been trying to find a good method of doing hacking/engineering interfaces for a while! I'm going to order some mesh and try it out on some new models over Xmas. Thanks a lot for sharing!