Sunday, December 13, 2015


Hey everyone - I'm proud to announce that Scar_hand Painting Blog is getting more and more attention with each passing day. Recently I've noticed some awesome records being achieved in the statistics, including more than 250 views in a single day and a total number of views closing to 8000! 
It is difficult for me to believe that I've started this blog just couple of months ago! 

So last week I've prepared something special for Christmas as a matter of both 'thank you for the support' and 'keep visiting my blog'.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Hobbyists - here's the first GIVEAWAY contest! 

I do hope that you like this rare miniature as from now on it can be yours! The only thing to do is to get your Hobby desk/Workbench Cleaned up, take a nice picture of it and post it in the comments to THIS POST ON MY FACEBOOK WALL. So no need to 'like me on fb', 'share' nor 'tag me' (which by the way would be very nice and I'd aprieciate) - just post me a picture :) Once you're done - you get the chance to have this awesome miniature! I will randomly pick one person from those who post an eligible picture* before 1st of January 2016! 
*By eligible I mean a cleaned up Hobby desk or Workbench - like... for real - so no paints on mom's/wive's/own cosmetics desk this time :P

Once I'm done with my pick and contacted the winner for a delivery adress - I will post the winning picture and some awesome looking hobby desks/workbenches here on the blog!

And if that's not enough motivation to get to clean your desks - well I have this small TUTORIAL: 10 TIPS TO KEEP YOUR HOBBY SPACE ORGANIZED that might prove helpful :)

Additionaly on this occasion I would like to wish all of you a lot of painting and gaming time during Christmas and a New Year full of hobby! Let this hobby Christmas crib reminds you of what is really important!


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  1. Oh you lazy bastards :) Not a single participant - well maybe the miniature wasn't so cool a price i thought it would be. Either way the miniature stays with me - to be painted one day...