Sunday, August 30, 2015


Vacation came to an end in hard-working fashion. August started with a medium comission of Infiniti: Aleph with more than 25 metal miniatures involved. Being level 4 paintjob, split into two deliveries and with rather non oridinary colour scheme, inspired by Portal (PC game) and 'All is full of love' (Bjork video clip), this piece of work took almost two weeks to complete. Next came an unexpected task of buffing last month's Malifaux: Shadows of Redchapel and Herald of Obliteration crews to level 5! The customer was so pleased with effects of level 4 that he decided to lend me some credit of trust in taking these miniatures even higher. I had a lot of fun being able to further improve the paintjob on such awesome miniatures.
As usual i was able to throw in a couple of my own miniatures under the brush. Just enought to keep my newly found love for Infinity burning bright :) In the meantime i've made some new terrain pieces for Infinity gaming board and painted a quick boardgame comission for an acquaintance.
The biggest surprise tho was Ebay items being almost completely sold out. If not for a customer who broke contact and didn't payed for two items - my Ebay auction list would have been near to empty right now :)

Aleph (Infinity) lvl 4

Shades of Redchapel, Herald of Obliteration, Bete Noire (Malifaux) lvl 5
Nomads Corregidor (Infinity) lvl 4

Talisman: the Woodland (Boardgame) lvl 1,5

Scar_hand on Ebay

Steel for humans...
Silver for monsters...
Brush for miniatures ;)

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