Sunday, June 28, 2015


June was partially dominated by Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's release. Not that i can't motivate myself to paint, but with a regular job to occupy me by day i was eager to slay some monsters and taste love of beautiful spell casting women by night. Each time i tried to pick up a brush the Witcher jumped out of nowhere to steal my full attention. Thank gods that Batman: Arkham Knight was such a disaster otherwise i might have fallen to predation of another PC game. Apart from the infatuation with Witcher June may be considered fruitful. It started with a test comission consisting of Infinity, Lead Adventure and Warlord Games miniatures all painted at different levels and with use of different styles. These motivated me to invest some time in starting a Painting blog. After that came a bunch of Mansion of Madness miniatures and a Malifaux gang : the Dark Debts. I also layed my hands on some minor half comissions and finally managed to prepare two sets of Infinity miniatures for myself to be painted in July. Not much to show off as a month's output but this is the price i had to pay for both time to relax and comission painting advertisement.

Fusiliers (Infinity) lvl 5/4/3,5/3
 Fusilier (Infinity) lvl 5

Celtic Warriors (Warlord Games) lvl 3/3,5

Dark Debts (Malifaux) lvl 3 (buffed)

Mansion of Madness lvl 2

Miscaellous Mordheim miniatures (Lead Adventure) lvl 4/4,5

Steel for humans...
Silver for monsters...
Brush for miniatures ;)

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